DOWNTEAM challenge 2010
5'th - 8'th August 2010

News 2010

Did we mention that the Swedish championships was won by the 16 year old Emil Selin? Only flying for 1,5 years? Well. He did. It's so cool.
The DOWNTEAM challenge 2010 was won by the Nordic champion Ove Tillung. Concrats to them both :)

Not too many updates, because we had too much to do. Finished now. 6 runs in total where the last 4 was in the old fashion FAI cat2 style, and that will give the pilots points for the World Ranking. That means there are two result lists.
First the overall DOWNTEAM challenge 2010 with both freestyle runs and FAI runs: Results DOWNTEAM challenge 2010

Then the FAI runs that also count for the NC-akro and Swedish Championships: Results FAI  runs

Videocomepetition today. We are working on uploading the videos, but we can announce that the winner in commercial category is: David with his video: "ICA"
Paragliding video was won by Pål with his video "Påls stunt"
Soon to be found in the gallery.

One run today before the strong winds came. TV4 and the newspaper Östersunds Posten was also there. Both have a short video on their WEB-TV:
TV4 DOWNTEAM - challenge 2010

Östersunds Posten - DOWNTEAM challenge 2010

Two nice runs today, one from the top and one from Hummeln after a couple of hours with thunderstorms. Check out the results page.

Top 5 after two runs are:
Jan Tore Solberg
Pål Hammar Rognøy
Ove Tillung
Lars Gjelten
Kjartan Andvik

Best Swedish pilot is Emil Selin, but the freestyle runs are not valid for the Swedish Championships.

The resturant "Bahnhof" are sponsoring us with lunch giftcards.

Lots of sponsors are helping us with the competition. Åre is really a great place to organize events. Almost everybody we ask  are helpful and friendly, and most of the time they also offer us what we need. THANX. A full list of all our sponsors will be  updated during the day on the sponsor page.

Also, YOU can help us by printing this piece of paper and put on the inside of your car for public viewing.

We changed the videocompetition a bit. The acro video do NOT have to be an acro video anymore. As long as it's still a paragliding video it's OK. And we will allow videos from hangarounds as well. Comp page.

The videocompetition have changed a bit. The acro video do NOT have to be an acrovideo, but only a paragløiding video. Please check the competition rules here.

Time to pay for the registration. If you do not pay before latest one week before the event you risk to loose your place in the competition. If there are places available it will be possible to pay at the festival area, but then at an extra cost. Normally the registration will cost 1100.- sek (110 euro). Late payment will cost 1300.- sek (130 euro).
25 pilots maximum. There are several pilots in Åre at the moment not registered yet. Be smart, be fast.

Payment info here: pilot-registration.

Join the FACEBOOK group here for the latest rumor and news.

Registration is open. Visit pilot-registration to register for Norwegian Cup acro, Swedish Championships and the Precision landing (all pilots) competition. You can see the pilotlist here.

Due to the fact that we will focus on the new Freestyle judging concept this year, and the fact that Voss also want to organize the Nordic Championships, we have decided that Voss can do it this year ;) and we will stick to the Swedish Championships and the Norwegian Cup here in Åre. Nordic Championships goes to Voss. We hope.
But we might go for World Cup 2011.
For more info on the comp in Voss, visit vertigovoss It will soon be updated.

The dates for DOWNTEAM challenge 2010 is set to 5th to 8th August 2010.



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