DOWNTEAM challenge 2008
2'nd - 6'th August 2008

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DOWNTEAM challenge 2008 - competitions

Welcome once again to Åre, and the DOWNTEAM challenge. This year the competition is the Swedish Championships, but it is also an FAI cat2 event open for all international acro pilots.

Local rules here.

Open Swedish Championships - acro paragliding SOLO
The Open Swedish Championships will be organized following the FAI regulations and will give the pilots points for the FAI World Ranking WAPR. There will be landingpoints using a new raft for the landing. The pilots perform their show one by one, judged by a 3 judges panel.
Open for swedish acro pilots only

Longest Swoop
This year we also have a new special format competition that we for now have called "longest swoop". This competition will simulate the water touch acro pilots normally try to perform before the raft landing. Special prizes for best style or waterlanding each run.
Open for all pilots

Raft landing
During the event we allow other pilots to go for the raft landing. There will be prices for the best landing. The raft landing will ONLY be open when rescue boat is present.
Open for all pilots

Syncro - expression session
The syncro competition is aerobatics flown syncronized by two pilots together, making the impossible moves look double as impressive. The syncro competition will be open for all registrered pilots, teaming up two and two, and judged by the other pilots by using video. This is an expression session competition only, and will not be valid for the FAI World Ranking.
Open for acro pilots only.

SIV training
Saterday and sunday 2nd and 3rd August, the acro pilots will be training. All other pilots will be invited to do some SIV training themselves for a small amount of money per day. This money will cover the use of petrol and men for the rescue boat
Open for all pilots


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Open Swedish Championships

Longest Swoop


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