Results from the DOWNTEAM challenge


This page will be updated everytime we have the chance during the competition. Hopefully every day. You can download the results from every RUN as pdf files, using adobe reader to read them.

Day 1
We had very nice weather, and two runs this day. The first run was from the lower takeoff, Hummeln, giving us a small 3 manouvers program: Helicopter, SAT and dynamic stall. The second run was from the top of the mountain allowing the pilots to make their own 4 manouvers program. A few pilots did not have enough height for this and where allowed to do RUN2 again the next day.

The Special waterlanding price was given to Christian Hagen for his watertouch on one side of the raft and spinnlanding on the other side, flying over the raft when he tried to land on it.

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Day 2
Another excellent day. The day is still running, but after RUN3 the judges deicided to only have an expression session in the end of the day. RUN3 had a takeoff on the top of the mountain, and the pilots could choose their own program.

The Special waterlanding price was given to Frode Løtvedt for his HUGE splash in the water.
The Expression Session later on was won by Kjartan Andvik for his special display of a dobbel rescue throw. He first threw one rescue that he later relesesed, continued flying and than throw another rescue, just for the show;)

Results RUN3 - Ranking after RUN3


Day 3
Not so hot anymore, but still hot enough for shorts. We had one task in the morning, giving the pilots the choice to select 4 out of 8 manouvers with less than 1,7 technical coefficient. Hans Prunaretty won the run, taking the lead from Pål Hammar Rognøy with 0,6 points. We also started RUN5, but this was cancelled in the middle of the run due to strong winds and rain.

The Special waterlanding price goes to a still secret pilot as the jury have not decided this 100% yet.

Results RUN4 - Ranking after RUN4


Day 4

The last day was cancelled because of the weather conditions. The rain came at last, bringing the cloudbase below takeoff. This gave Hans Prunaretty his victory. But the party was won by ALL the pilots. And my oh my what a party :):):)

DOWNTEAM challenge: Hans Prunaretty
Nordic championships: Pål Hammar Rognøy
Norwegian championships: Pål Hammar Rognøy
Swedish championships: Fredrik Lindholm

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